Web Marketing Solutions

Web Marketing SolutionsYou’ve invested your valuable time and dollars to launch your new company web site. BNT Media created a search engine-friendly site and submitted it to the most powerful search engines on the Web. But don’t stop there…

In today’s competitive environment, you cannot just sit back and wait. You must be actively and continuously promoting your web site.

Our team can guide your business to success with marketing campaigns that:

  • Boost your Web site’s productivity with greater pull-through.
  • Enhance your Web site’s potential with increased traffic.
  • Promote your Web offerings through value building P.R.
  • Increase your Return on Investment with targeted buyers.
  • Enhance customer relations creating happier customers.
  • Outperform your competitors and stronger bottom line.

The World Wide Web can be a strange and foreign land for many people in business.

Having a web site is not enough; the rules of effective marketing still apply. In fact, in the vastness of the Web – they are probably even more important. Maximize your Web potential with BNT Media customized marketing solutions

BNT Media’s Most Popular Marketing Services

Newsletter Programs

Wouldn’t it be great to have your salesperson visit thousands of potential customers every month or two? Well you can – by offering FREE informative newsletters to potential and current customers.

BNT Media-created e-mail newsletters are a cost-effective way to:

  • Increase your company credibility and add value to your products/services.
  • Give you an ongoing sales presentation and multiple opportunities to buy.
  • Create repeat visits and convert lookers to buyers.
  • Provide you with valuable visitor information.
  • Promote specials and ask for the sale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

E-mail Marketing

Inexpensive and effective – what more can we say. We’re not talking spam – but a professional well-crafted permission-based e-mail campaign using powerful copy and targeted distribution from BNT Media.

E-mail campaigns are:

  • Immediate – you’ll see results in minutes.
  • Inexpensive – no envelopes, no postage, no hassles.
  • Productive – outperforms traditional mail campaigns.
  • Smart – reach thousands of clients and potential clients

Banner Advertising

Share the wealth with eye-catching banner ads placed on complementary high traffic sites. Many Web sites spend millions in online and offline advertising – why not “borrow” your share of their customers. A well-designed banner ad lets you capitalize on their advertising budget.

A banner advertising campaign includes:

  • Site recommendations based on your specific customer demographics and cost benefits.
  • Attractive banner ads that entice your target audience to click.
  • Comprehensive reporting and data analysis.

Link Exchange

Exchanging links with related or complementary businesses is a simple, yet highly effective advertising partnership. Not only will their site visitors have an opportunity to learn about you – you’ll benefit from:

  • Higher search engine rankings – search engines often rank your “visability” by the number and quality of sites linking to yours.
  • Increased credibility – people think of these links as recommendations.
  • Shared marketing efforts – you’ll benefit from their advertising efforts.

Direct Mail

Although e-mail has become one of the latest and greatest advertising tools. Direct mail via the U.S. Post Office is still a viable option to promote your business. Traditional direct mail is a great way for:

  • Reaching a target audience that may not be online.
  • Targeting specific regions of the country.
  • Directing your offer to a highly targeted audience.
  • Working an address-only list.

Need to reach stay-at-home mothers with new babies or newly retired men? BNT Media works with specialty direct response consultative and marketing service firms like Membership Corporation of America to guarantee you the freshest, fine-tuned leads for your campaign. Our graphic artists and marketing team will design an attention getting mailer that gets results.