Web Development

Imagine what kind of Web site a scientist or engineer would likely create – a technically accurate site but one distinctly lacking in salesmanship.

However, good web site design requires much more than understanding HTML, Flash®, Java® and other web-specific tools. Designing a Web site requires a unique blend of linear thinking, creative inspiration, communication skills and a dash of common sense.

So what makes a good Web designer?

The ability to handle all aspects of good online marketing from conceptualization through performance analysis. At BNT Media, we have gathered some of the brightest talents in Web design, online marketing and optimization, Web site usability and Web content development. Our integrated approach means that your investment in Web marketing has a solid foundation.

Our team offers you the depth and experience necessary to create powerful online presentations that sell! We are not merely code writers, we are a full-service Web developer that understands how to create an effective online marketing presence for your business.

Our goal is to listen to your needs, learn your customers’ desires and develop a thematic message that clearly represents your company.

You web site is an investment in your business future

As a BNT Media client, you will benefit from our hands-on approach. Our pledge to you is that we will use our resources to enhance your company and its products and services with:

  • E-commerce sites that encourage convenient shopping and finalized purchases.
  • Easy-to-use site layouts that will not frustrate users.
  • Appealing design and informative content that encourages visitors to return often.
  • Strong visual cues and effective calls to action.
  • Search engine friendly infrastructure, layouts and keyword intensive copy.
  • Professional, confidence-building image suitable for your specific industry and targeted customers’ needs.

Your competitors and your customers are on the Web, so why aren’t YOU? Remember as the saying goes – “80% of success is just being there.”

Did you know a Web site “wears out”? You won’t see any holes or frayed edges but your visitors will certainly notice that your site does not meet their ever-increasing expectations! If your site has been unattended for some time or no longer produces sufficient traffic or sales – let BNT Media create a fresh, new professional site that

  • Features the latest design elements without sacrificing performance and customer acquisition.
  • Incorporates new sales-oriented copy (we’ll be your ghostwriter and editor).
  • Increases your search engine standings making it easier for potential customers to find you.
  • And best of all, gives you web site that is truly an investment in your business future.