Web Copywriting

Dynamic sales copy makes the difference

The Web is a visual medium; but it’s the words that entice people to act. Whether you want them to give you a call or to place an online order, your Web copy is your sales pitch. However, the Web is unlike any other advertising venue you can use.

You must speak directly to one person at a time, get your message across quickly, direct traffic through the site and incorporate designated keywords to satisfy the search engines.

We offer Web copywriting that –

  • Sells, Sells, Sells
  • Builds Customer Confidence and Trust
  • Makes It Easier to Do Business with You
  • Describes Your USP (Unique Selling Position)
  • Explains Benefits and Features
  • Promotes Your Products and Services
  • Addresses Your Target Audience
  • Weaves in Your Specific Web Keywords
  • Integrates With Your Other Marketing Efforts

The specialty of Web content writing requires not only a talented wordsmith – but also requires an understanding of solid marketing concepts, Web usability requirements, search engine technology and a good listener.

Our staff will review your current marketing materials, research competitors and interview staff members to “learn” your business, products and ideal customers. Your Web copy will reflect this information and build towards your online marketing goals.

Have technical articles, product descriptions, white papers or other documents that need to be included in your Web site? We can also provide ghostwriting, editing and copy optimization to make these more Web-friendly and stronger marketing tools.