Targeting & Segmentation

Our Permission Marketing (opt-in) Philosophy

Targeting & SegmentationBNT Media’s marketing philosophy centers around a permission marketing model that ensures that prospects and customers have already “raised their hands” and “opted in” to receive information, promotions and other relevant communication related to your products or services.

By establishing a genuine interest in your products or services, you insure that your eMail communications:

  1. Limit the obtrusiveness, or “SPAM” factor often associated with eMail marketing
  2. Are only received by prospects or customers with the greatest propensity to purchase
  3. Ensure highest potential for long-term online relationship
  4. We recognize that you may have multiple products and subsequently have the need for selective “opt-in” mechanisms so we have created a dynamic solution to handle such situations.

Additionally, our communication model provides the flexibility to allow opt-in customers the choice to “opt-out” at any time in the customer life cycle providing a real time, dynamic, 2 way, business to customer relationship.

Privacy Issues

BNT Media keeps a finger on the pulse of online privacy issues from institutions such as the DMA, CAUCE, and AIM, and will assist your organization in complying with the latest privacy laws, guidelines, and best business practices.

Building your E-mail Lists

BNT Media will research and identify the absolute best prospects available to target with your eMail marketing campaigns.

Experience tells us that your best prospects for relationship development and maximization of revenues are your existing customers.

Leveraging years of direct marketing list selection experience, we will direct your list procurement focusing on highly qualified “opt-in” prospects, derived from your proprietary house files and/or outside compiled opt-in lists that are available to rent.

Enabling your business for opt-in list development

BNT Media will create a customized opt-in list development strategy for your business that gains permission to communicate with customers or prospects via eMail.

Our migration strategies will transform segments of your existing customer base, with whom you may currently communicate impersonally and infrequently, into online “opt-in” customers who are contacted frequently with personalized, value-added marketing communications.

By applying proven tactics, we will identify the key contact points to leverage for obtaining permission, and design the response devices accordingly.

Opportunities for opt-in data capture include:
  • Website Newsletters
  • Customer Service Call-Centers
  • Direct Mail Communications
  • Customer publications (Magazines, Newsletters)
  • Catalogs
  • Customer Surveys

We will also design the interface for appending and updating the captured data to your marketing database or operating system.

Evaluating and Segmenting your eMail Lists

List segmentation is a very important factor in the success of your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Getting the best offer to the right customer is key, and our proprietary eMail delivery system allows you to literally send a different message/offer to each of your prospects.

Careful targeting using known customer information allows for flexibility with personalization resulting in enhanced integrity, increased response rates/revenue.

Segment Identification

BNT Media will analyze your customer database to identify relevant elements that will lead to the highest potential response to each specific offering.

These include:

1. Optimized Formatting

Our proprietary software adapts to the application used to open each eMail for every prospect in order to deliver the optimized format and ensuring the most compelling message is received.

  • HTML
  • Hybrid text
  • Plain text
  • AOL

2. Demographic

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographic region
  • Presence of Children
  • Household Income
  • Wealth Rating, etc.

3. Behavioral

  • Transaction data source (Direct mail, catalog, retail, online)
  • Lifestyle attributes (interests, hobbies)
  • Purchase Seasonality

4. Transactional (RFM):

  • Life to Date (LTD) Dollars
  • Average Purchase amount ($)
  • Frequency of purchase
  • Customer Affinity
  • Multi-buyers
  • Tenure
  • Lifetime Value (LTV)Metric