Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine SubmissionDon’t let your potential Web customers find your competition first! Give them a roadmap directing them to your site by creating a search engine-friendly site and submitting it to the most appropriate search engines and directories.

Make it easier for customers to find you

The most cost-effective method to guide visitors to your site is through the major search engines. Your search engine rankings have a psychological affect on visitors who often only click on the first few listings and believe that higher ranked sites are more accurate.

Most Web surfers will find you by using:

  1. Search engines, like the very popular Bing, Google and Yahoo.
  2. Search the Web “boxes “powered” by a third-party search engine like Inktomi and Google. (Found on your Internet Service Provider’s home page and featured on sites throughout the Web.)
  3. Directories, such as DMOZ (Open Directory Project), that are submission based and cataloged by hand.

Sounds simple, right?

Search engines have become powerful traffic directors with ever-changing rules and behind-the-scene operations. The “power struggle” between site owners wanting top rankings and search engines wanting accuracy has created an entire new industry – Web optimization.

Hiring an expert is critical because violating their rules can mean harsh penalties – including total exclusion from the engine databanks.

Let BNT Media do the work

Our experienced Web marketing and optimization team spends dozens of hours every month in mastering the search engine requirements. Search engine “spider” (electronically scan) your site for classification and ranking purposes. To give your site an improved ranking, we will weave together targeted keywords, spider-friendly code and user-friendly design.

BNT Media can guide you through:

  • Keyword research – sales copy with your prime keywords
  • Search engine reviews – the best search engines for your products/services
  • Pay-per-click campaigns – pay only for actual visitors
  • Paid inclusion programs – increase your rankings
  • Data gathering, reporting and analysis – learn what’s working for you