Reporting & Analysis

Real-time Online Reporting

Reporting & AnalysisOne of the most compelling advantages of eMail marketing is the quantifiable nature of results from campaigns executed through this channel.

With maturation periods of eMail marketing campaigns complete after only 48 hours, it is essential that you have round-the-clock access to your campaign data.

BNT Media will collect, and compile the key data to create campaign reports for your eMail marketing efforts, recording all relevant metrics in a secure centralized database that you access from your PC.

BNT Media campaign reports are:

  • Consolidated
  • Real time
  • Accessed via the web from your PC
  • Updated and accessible 24 hours a day
  • Exportable to PC based software, e.g. Excel

Common elements tracked include:

  • Messages sent
  • Messages received
  • Messages opened
  • Time Message was opened
  • Click throughs
  • Site clicks
  • Sales

Custom Report Options

BNT Media will work with you to build flexible customized eMail campaign reports to incorporate your businesses unique needs, including:

  • Costs
  • Revenues
  • ROI
  • Conversion rates
  • LTV metrics

Customized reports will be created to export into your PC applications such as Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

Interpretive Analysis

BNT Media’s analytical experts will dissect your campaigns and glean key data from them, consolidating those findings into easy to follow campaign summaries that highlight key metrics at a glance of an eye.

All test panels will be evaluated for statistical validity including tests of standard deviation and error range with BNT Media’s statistical software Interpretive analysis.

Once results have been received, data gained from those campaigns will be appended to your marketing database or operating system for future use.

And when eMail campaigns are mature, our analysts will interpretively review the results and provide you with a concise summary including recommendations for ongoing tactical marketing activity.

Additional Analytical Services

Customer profiling

BNT Media leverages the expertise of its senior marketing staff and access to a 91 million household consumer database to overlay demographic and behavioral characteristics to build multi-variable customer profiles. These profiles allow you to identify key factors and trends that indicate an increased propensity to purchase your product or service

Advanced modeling

Multivariate predictive (regression) modeling is used extensively in the direct marketing industry to identify best prospects and maximize marketing efficiencies.

Our staff have managed numerous regression model builds for a plethora of clients and rely on that experience to build models that meet the needs of each of our individual clients.