eMail Marketing Strategy

Our Integrated Marketing Approach

BNT Media recognizes that to most companies, eMail is one of many marketing channel options available for communication with prospects and customers.

Therefore, to ensure eCampaign success, the integration of eMail marketing that fully complements preexisting marketing activities is essential.

Potential eMail marketing strategies include:

  • eList Building
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Up-sell
  • Cross-sell
  • Relationship Building
  • Customer Referral
  • Event Driven Promotion
  • Benefit Development

Our integrated marketing approach begins from the ground up with a full evaluation of your current marketing mix to identify opportunities for establishing the eMail channel as a key medium for acquiring customers and building profitable, ongoing eRelationships with them.

BNT Media will design a complete integration strategy to ensure the e-mail channel augments and enhances your current off-line (legacy) marketing activities, leading to highly targeted and cost effective promotion of your products or services.

Lead Generation

Lead generation represents the foundation of most marketing strategies and is the first step in BNT Media’s 3-step Variable Targeting StrategySM (VTS).

An effective lead generation plan will result in the acquisition of quality leads that have the greatest potential to convert to revenue generating customers.

Lead Generation Challenges may include:

  • Gaining eMail address
  • Obtaining permission for future eMarketing
  • Avoiding limited potential prospects or “tire kickers”
  • Qualifying prospect lifestyle attributes
  • Obtaining name and address

However, strategy and objectives for lead generation are distinctly different to those employed in the conversion and sales processes.

Failure to recognize this could result in lost opportunity by putting the “cart before the horse” – pitching a hard sales offer to an unqualified customer who has not had time to build an affinity with you and your products, and resulting in a non-response and lost revenue.

BNT Media will design and manage your online lead generation program including:

  • Defining strategic objectives
  • Creating effective lead generation offers
  • Collecting and compiling leads
  • Segmenting leads for the “conversion process”

Your ongoing lead generation program will become the feeder for conversion process tactics.

Customer Conversion

Step 2 of BNT Media’s Variable Targeting StrategySM (VTS) is the conversion of a prospect or lead to a purchaser.

As with Lead Generation strategy, the conversion process presents unique challenges that require specific strategies to ensure ultimate success including:

  • Overcoming lack of affinity
  • Creating “hooks” to get initial commitment
  • Answering the “what’s in it for me?” customer question
  • Developing a stepping stone approach to gaining conversion
  • Recognizing and leveraging prospect “hot buttons”
  • Developing trust and creating integrity with prospects

BNT Media will create a customer conversion for your business that will translate into executable tactical eMarketing promotions, resulting in a maximized conversion to lead ratio, and ultimately to long-term, extended commitment from your customers.

Increasing Customer Value

The final step in BNT Media’s Variable Targeting StrategySM (VTS) process is Increasing Customer Value. The optimum relationship for you and your customer will be based on:

  • Heterogeneous marketing orientation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Delivery of value added products or services
  • Profitability
  • Ongoing two-way communication between you and your customer

Increasing customer value carries with it unique strategic challenges that must be addressed in order to develop an ongoing profitable relationship with your customer.

These include:

  • Knowing when to deliver what to whom — Contact Strategy
  • Knowing your customers — Data Mining
  • Recognizing cross-promotional opportunity and developing related strategy — Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
  • Recognizing up-sell opportunity and developing related strategy

eMail creates a unique, one-to-one marketing opportunity that allows you to create high value relationships with your customers at an accelerated rate.

BNT Media will develop a customer development plan that will allow you to leverage this opportunity to create and increase customer life time value (LTV) over time.

BNT Media’s 3 step Variable Targeting Strategy will ensure seamless adaptable, customized, customer development and result in long term increases in customer LTV.