eMail Delivery

List Hygiene

eMail DeliveryCorrectness of eMail address leads to more accurate deliverability, and results in maximized sales opportunity.

BNT Media employs advanced techniques to handle your:

  • Bounce backs
  • Un-subscribes
  • Do not solicit files

In addition, we certify that the eMail addresses you have are current and in the correct format, reducing the percentage of bad addresses on your eMailing list.

Our list hygiene practices ensure that all addresses are scrutinized to detect whether bad addresses are temporarily bad, and therefore potentially viable in the future, or whether they are definitively bad, and therefore should be flagged accordingly.

Merge-Purge Processing

The merge-purge process will reduce costs and upset customers by eliminating duplicates and purging any prospects or clients who have asked to be taken off your eMail lists.

BNT Media’s merge/purge process uses advanced matching logic to identify and eliminate:

  • Inter-list duplicates
  • Intra-list duplicates
  • Un-subscribe records
  • Do not solicit records

At the conclusion of each campaign merge/purge, a report will be issued for evaluation identifying:

  • Duplicate % by list
  • Suppression match %
  • Multi Buyers

This information will help you evaluate the cleanliness of lists including those rented form third parties and identify your best prospects (Multi-buyers) to whom you may want to target with a unique offer.

Message Formatting

Consumer eMail service providers formats differ significantly.

Because of this, it is essential to know, upfront, which prospects or customers have what platform.

What eMail environment the prospect or customer has will determine will determine what format the message is delivered in and this will have a dramatic effect on your response rates.

BNT Media’s proprietary software detects and records the application used to open each eMail for every prospect in order to deliver the optimized graphic and ensuring the most graphically compelling message is received.

These include:

  • HTML
  • AOL
  • Text only
  • Hybrid text

E-mail Message Delivery

Once the copy is written, the offer established, the design complete and the message formatting concluded, it is time to deliver the message to your prospect or customer.

BNT Media is fully equipped with the software and hardware to ensure that your messages are delivered on time, correctly formatted and to the correct people.

With our array of servers and our proprietary load balancing system we have the capability to handle any messaging job regardless of the size or complexity.

In addition to our hardware and load balancing system, BNT Media’s proprietary message delivery software provides automated handling of “bounce-backs” and “un-subscribes”.