eCampaign Creation

eMail Personalization

eCampaign CreationeMail is the first marketing channel that allows marketers to communicate cost effectively on a one-to-one basis with their prospects and customers.

This flexibility lets you create and deliver targeted, highly personalized messages to your target audience and by doing so develops immediate trust and integrity by recognizing customers in a personal, highly informed manner.

BNT Media’s personalization algorithms create a true one-to-one customer relationship by using strategic segmentation and targeting techniques to develop and send highly personalized, dynamic eMail messages to targeted market segments.

Simple eMail Personalization examples:

  • Personalized subject lines
  • Personalized salutations
  • Recognition of customer commitment, e.g. Gold Card Holder

Detailed eMail Personalization examples:

  • Multi-buyer references acknowledging recent transactions and recommending related or complimentary products for purchase
  • Incorporating maps or directions to nearest facility, e.g. retail store
  • Tenure references such as expiration date

Developing Your Offer

Once list segmentation is complete, BNT Media will work with you to create an offer matrix that is flexible and can be tailored to match different offers to different segments based on needs or attributes of those segments.

The intention or objective of the offer will define what type of offer is developed, for example:

Message Objective Segment Format Offer
Customer Acquisition Opt-in Prospects Sales Message Free Shipping
Customer Retention Expiring Members Renewal Message Auto Renewal
Relationship Building Active Customers Newsletter FreeInformation


eMail Message Copy Writing

No need to write your own copy or hire an outside writer.

Attention grabbing, relevant, compelling copy, tailored to the variable formats (HTML, AOL, etc.) is essential for success in this day and age of cluttered e-mail boxes.

Our in-house eMail copywriters will develop copy that will increase response rates by leveraging customer knowledge gleaned from the segmentation process, and present it in a tone and manner that is within the prospect or customers “frame of reference”.

BNT Media writers will create cohesive eMail messages that reinforce your brand, and optimize the use of components such as:

  • Subject Box
  • Headline
  • Body Copy
  • Landing Page Links

If you have in house copywriters or an existing relationship with outside writers, we will work with them create copy will fit within the parameters of the eMail message and ensure that the copy objectives are consistent with the overall integrated marketing objectives.

eMail Layout and Design

Companies who are familiar with the challenges of getting their direct mail packages read will appreciate the power and value of the envelope, teaser, copy, and general design of the package.

Likewise for the catalog industry – the cover design can be the “make or break” factor influencing downstream purchase.

And the eMail channel is not exempt.

Consumers email boxes are becoming more and more cluttered each and every day so it is essential that the layout and design of your email messages grab the attention of your prospects or customers and result in click through and ultimately response.

BNT Media’s in-house creative directors leverage the latest in technology to deliver optimized visuals to create effective and attention grabbing designs that will increase your chances for response and purchase.

Designers will fully leverage the capability parameters of each of the eMail formats that will comprise each campaign, including:

  • HTML
  • AOL
  • Text only
  • Hybrid text

This way each customer will get your message in a format that makes the most of their individual email platform capabilities.

Landing Page Development

Creation of a unique landing page is critical to the success of all eMail campaigns.

Working together, BNT Media’s design and copywriting staff will design unique landing pages for each segment or eMail cell to ensure continuity of offer and consistency of feel.

Simplicity, ease of order, coding, and behind the scenes data capture will lead to a maximized “sales by click through” ratio.

eCampaign Test Development

BNT Media’s marketing strategy embraces a “test-analyze-validate-rollout” process for eMail campaign success.

Our eTesting philosophy allows you to:

  • Eliminate guesswork in offer development
  • Answer specific marketing questions
  • Reduce risk (cost savings)
  • Measure multiple offers head to head in a controlled manner
  • Keep pace with changing needs of customers and markets
Common eMail test elements
  • Offer
  • Price
  • Subject line
  • Message Timing
  • E-mail Frequency
  • Layout
  • Landing Page
  • Message format
  • Personalization


Testing Methodology

For statistical validity in our results measurement we rely on a widely accepted “nthing” methodology for file splitting so test cells are randomly selected, reducing any potentially hazardous biases in campaign results.

During the nthing stage we make additional splits based on eMail format.

This ensures we are measuring “apples to apples” when comparing test cells. Failure to do so will introduce “noise” into your analysis and could lead to incorrect conclusions regarding a specific result.

BNT Media will develop your test matrix and code panels accordingly, to seek gains in efficiencies by testing

Statistical Validity Measurement

Once results are compiled, test cell comparisons must be undertaken to evaluate whether gains/losses against the “control” offer are valid.

BNT Media’s custom statistical software will make sure your test results are measured correctly by performing analysis of variance tests and providing error range data for further analysis.