About Us

BNT Media was founded in 1998 and has a collective 40 years of Marketing and Web Development experience. BNT Media was created to provide customized, integrated eMail marketing solutions enabling direct marketing companies to make eMail a viable and successful addition to their existing marketing mix.

successful eMarketing programMulti Channel approach

The key to a successful eMarketing program lies in your ability to integrate the eMail channel to maximize two key initiatives:

  • Increased customer retention/persistency
  • Increased lifetime value (LTV)

BNT Media’s eMail strategies focus on these principles and view eMail as an augmenter and enhancer to existing marketing activities such as retail, catalog, direct mail and print advertising.

Staffed by Marketers

BNT Media staff are first and foremost marketers who understand the importance of customer retention and lifetime value. This results in eMail strategies based on tried and true direct marketing principles that are adapted for the eMail channel.